Hospital facilities in London

London is an international medical centre with numerous private hospitals of the highest quality. Some of these have certain specialised services such as obstetrics, paediatrics, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and so forth. Many also have intensive care facilities.

How to choose a hospital for your care

If you know nothing about the hospitals in London your doctor would be the best guide for you. You can of course contact any hospital and also visit it. The standard of these hospitals is very high and provided the facilities are appropriate for your care then you can choose according to convenience and cost.

In order to find out more about London independent hospitals, we have provided an alphabetical list which includes links to their own web sites where you will find more information:

Aspen Healthcare

Aspen Healthcare is the owner and operator of two highly regarded private acute hospitals, Parkside Hospital and Holly House Hospital, located in Wimbledon and Buckhust Hill in Essex, respectively. The hospitals provide medical services that range from health screening and outpatient clinics to surgery and specialised post-operative nursing care.

HCA International

HCA International is one of London's largest healthcare providers and is comprised of six hospitals and HCA Laboratories. The company offers a wide range of specialties and has an international reputation which attracts consultants from all the London teaching hospitals.

The London Clinic, Devonshire Place & 149 Harley Street

Established in 1932 by a group of Harley Street doctors, The London Clinic has a prestigious 75 year history as one of the UK’s leading independent hospitals. It is a fully acute equipped facility with a consultant – led intensive care unit that has earned an international reputation for the provision of individual care and clinical excellence.

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