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Subscribing members of the London Consultants' Association are entitled to access a variety of documents to assist them in their practice and entry onto our consultant database on this web site.

The following documents are available to Members using the request form below. Other documents are made available from time to time through the Members' Login.

Fee Explanation Note

This is personalised for individual consultants, denoting them as LCA members, to be given to each patient at the start of treatment. This explains the contractual situation between consultants and patients in a fair and reasonable manner. It will place the consultant at arms length from certain areas of contention but does not grant a license for inappropriate charges.

Hospital Booking Letter

Many consultants have their own booking letter. This template can be adapted for your use and has been approved by the LCA lawyers. It illustrates how best to prepare a "standard" booking letter for a routine admission and can be modified according to the clinical circumstances.

Information on Doctors working in Chambers or Partnerships arrangements

The LCA can provide its members with practical legal and financial information and documentation relating to group working arrangements.

a) "Doctors in Chambers - a discussion paper by Mr Michael Bonehill", solicitor, explaining the legal definitions and issues relating to Chambers, Partnership and Companies.

b) "Doctors in Chambers - a discussion paper by Dr Ray Stanbridge", Accountant and Management Consultant, explaining the business and financial implications of Chambers and Partnerships.

To request these documents please complete the form below:

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Fee Explanation Note
Hospital Booking Letter
Doctors in Chambers - by Mr Michael Bonehill
Doctors in Chambers - by Dr Ray Stanbridge

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