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About us 

Semble is powering healthcare. Healthcare businesses of all sizes, from individual clinicians to large enterprises, use Semble’s software and APIs to manage every aspect of their practice. Booking & questionnaires, patient management, invoices & payments, telehealth & patient engagement, analytics, integrations & APIs. 

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Improving the patient and clinician experience 

One platform integrating everything you need  

Semble brings everything together into one platform so that you can grow your business without compromising on security and flexibility. We provide you with a powerful open API and connect you with a multitude of services including: diagnostics, pharmacies, hospitals, payments, accounting and much more. 

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Enhancing every patient interaction  

Personalised care and patient engagement at your fingertips. Enhance every patient touchpoint throughout their journey using our full suite of engagement tools. Streamline access to care, automate personalised communications, and give your patients access to their data. Conduct remote consultations with Semble Telehealth. 

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Unparalleled insights for better outcomes 

Get business intelligence out of the box. Semble provides you with unique insights into your financial and operational data to grow your business successfully. 

Better understand your patient population. Capture and structure your medical data to build strong foundations for personalised care. 

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Streamlining all your workflows 

Semble acts as an extension of your team, streamlining all your workflows and giving you access to the information you need, when and where you need it, across the entire patient journey.