Introduction, Background & Structure

The Association of Independent Radiologists was founded in 2001 following informal meetings between consultant radiologists from around the UK. This group decided that a structured association should be developed and approached the London Consultant' Association (LCA) for support and assistance.

The Trustees of the LCA agreed that a sub committee could be formed and thus the new association was born. The Association of Independent Radiologists, known as AIR, utilises the administration backup of the LCA and is based at their offices. The legal structure of AIR requires that the Chairman is one of the LCA Trustees and that there is formal representation of other Trustees on the AIR sub committee. Whilst enjoying a degree of autonomy the AIR groups reports to the LCA Board.

AIR is a national organisation representing all regions of the UK

The AIR Committee has met on six occasions since its inaugural meeting on 1st March 2001 and is open to consultant radiologists working in the independent sector within the NHS private wings or private hospitals. A variety of consultants have attended from around the UK and many have expressed interest and support for AIR. As AIR develops it is hoped that an Executive Board will emerge to pursue issues of particular interest to consultant radiologists.


The objectives of the organisation are...

  • To maintain the independence of private medical practice and thus to defend the freedom of choice for patients and doctors
  • To maintain the contractual relationship between the patient and the consultant
  • To support these principles of clinical freedom whilst working to the highest standards of practice within accepted professional guidelines
  • To work within and alongside other professional organisations dedicated to maintaining standards and independence in private practice

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