“Get some colour into your life and your wardrobe”

The Wellington Hospital
26th September 2007

A Seminar For Private Medical Secretaries

After a cocktail reception and introduction by Dr Abina O’Callaghan, Consultant in Pain Medicine and LCA Trustee, the twenty-five medical secretaries heard from Gill Hicks of Positive Potential, how colour plays a part in our life from birth to old age. Gill explained how we have an instinctive ability to select the appropriate colours for us from a very early age and demonstrated on the LCA administrator how different colours can make one look younger or older, lift one’s face or drag it down.

Gill also showed how to make a life balance analysis wheel that showed which areas of our life could be improved.

This was followed by a delicious colour themed buffet supper provided by the Wellington Hospital catering department. Grateful thanks to the Wellington Hospital (HCA group), for sponsoring the meeting.

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