“How to get the best out of your consultant”

The Wellington Hospital
19th June 2008

A Seminar For Private Medical Secretaries

After a cocktail reception and some pleasant summer food, Dr. Abina O’Callaghan, Consultant in Pain Medicine and LCA Trustee introduced Constance Campion, City Analyst and Medical Aesthetic Practitioner to the 18 medical secretaries attending.

Constance Campion is a prolific City analyst with a niche expertise in physician and medical enterprise. Before Wall Street discovered private medical practice, Constance Campion was actively involved in developing the field through writing and consulting internationally from London.  Her 20 years in the arena demonstrates her belief in and her commitment to patients and physicians being at the heart of a culture of ethical medical enterprise. A seasoned expert in terms of her combined training and experience, she is best known for her knowledge and in-depth analytical grasp of clinical, corporate and educational affairs in her specialist arena. Her qualities as an authority on consultants extends furthest due to the qualified privilege she has gained in her capacity as the long-suffering wife of a consultant plastic surgeon.

Constance was an educational and entertaining speaker.  Her energetic style, specific examples and practical illustrations gave the medical secretaries an insight into practice problems that may require their attention, whilst best practise in consultant-secretary relations is part of the humorous competency that she illustrated and shared.

Amongst other things Constance encouraged the secretary to open up expanded lines of communication with their consultant, to seize the initiative with regard to the workings and improvements of the practice, to set up six monthly appraisal meetings and to be professional in work and attitude at all times.

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