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“A plan for resumption”

Return to work – #ProjectRestartPrivatePractice




The LCA’s Chairman, Dr Mark Vanderpump recently spoke with the Independent Practitioner Today about kick-starting private practice, getting independent consultants back to work so that ultimately the administration of patient care can be resumed. 


In the 3rd September article: “A plan for resumption”, Dr Mark Vanderpump unveiled a proposed 8-point checklist that consultants should consider in preparation of returning to work following the news that nearly all private hospital providers in London will be ending their NHS contracts (as will some other facilities outside of London though at reduced capacities) from Monday 7th September.

Most consultants (their clinics, employees and patients) have suffered heavily during this pandemic and continued to do so as lockdown lifted for lack of access to consulting rooms, surgery, unmanageable overheads. For resumption of private healthcare delivery, much assistance will be required and the LCA’s proposed 8-point checklist acknowledges potential issues, actions to consider and expectations going forward. 


You may read the full article HERE



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