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Become actively involved in a friendly, diverse and influential community of top consultants practising across all specialties in the capital and around the UK. We are forward-thinking doctors, working together to preserve the independence of private medical practice, ensuring patients are able to access the best quality care.

We will keep you informed and connected, providing prompt, personal peer support and advice for your private practice business challenges. Our varied calendar of Association events builds your network and offers opportunity for ‘fireside chats’ with influential leaders in business and government.

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Private practice should not be lonely or isolating. LCA provides a friendly, supportive network of top UK consultants across the spectrum of medical and surgical specialities, combining decades of private practice experience and knowledge.

Members can count on prompt, senior-level support and well-informed advice. We offer mentoring for colleagues new to private practice, special interest groups, and social and professional development networking opportunities for all. Our regular information updates keep you abreast of issues impacting your business and practice.

Networking & Events

Our calendar of varied social and professional networking events provides a platform to expand and enrich your professional links, exchange information and expertise, and learn more about the services available to your business.

Our lunches, dinners and informal receptions provide ‘fireside chat’ opportunities to raise your issues directly with our invited speakers and special guests, including leaders in business, government and the wider political and health environment. 


LCA’s close links with the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations affords members access to the FIPO Consultant Appraisal Service at a discounted fee.

FIPO-CAppS is an Appraisal service for Consultants and General Practitioners in the Independent Sector, using the L2P platform. FIPO-CAppS does not conduct the appraisal but matches Appraisers and Appraisees, providing a managed environment in which the appraisal process can take place.

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Special Interest Groups

New issues or challenges arise frequently within the constantly evolving private healthcare environment. LCA is responsive, flexible and agile. We link like-minded consultants, creating forums for discussion, debate, planning and action. Members are alerted to any new short-life forums and all are welcome to participate.

Our diverse membership has expertise across many fields, giving us facility also for Expert groups, such as our Medico-legal group.

LCA Medico-Legal Group

The London Consultants Association in tandem with Hempsons Solicitors proudly offers our members exclusive access to our Medico-legal Expert Witness Group.

With Hempsons, we host Medico-Legal Group meetings four times a year to review new developments in case law, the expert witness process and how to better prepare as an expert witness. We discuss topics such as clinical negligence and medical indemnity, briefed by leading experts in those fields.

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Annual membership costs just £200. Download and email your completed Membership Application form to
Contact us for affiliate and retiree membership