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Civica Medical Billing and Collection (formerly MBC) is the UK’s largest billing service provider. With over 30 years’ experience, we’re a trusted partner to more than 1,800 individual consultants working in private practice, clinical groups, private clinics and hospitals.

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Our billing service helps our clients to:

Increase net income by up to 25%
We ensure that your billing revenue is optimised which can lead to an increase in your net income of up to 25%. This is achieved by ensuring that your clinic/theatre data is billed in the correct way taking into account the nuances of each insurance company.

Reduce bad debts to an average of less than 0.5%
We have robust and efficient processes in place for chasing unpaid invoices, following up on shortfalls and problems with claims which results in a vastly improved cash flow.

Strengthen patient relationships
The relationship between the Practice and the patient is kept purely at the medical level, enabling your team to focus on patient care without the complications of managing commercial concerns.

Dedicated account management
Every practice is allocated their own dedicated personal account manager who is responsible for all aspects of the billing process. Our ‘intensive care’ onboarding process ensures that we understand how you work so that we can tailor our service to your specific needs, allowing us to work in partnership with you to deliver a seamless service to your patients.

Improve visibility of financial data
Our dashboard reporting module provides 24/7 online access to a wide range of financial and management data relating to the practice. It combines an overview of the practice in a simple to read dashboard format covering all the major practice KPIs alongside a range of reporting at both the summary and granular level.

Maximise the efficiency of billing
We process over 500,000 invoices a year and aim to bill the same day that we receive the clinic/theatre data which means there are no delays. This ensures we can chase the payment in a timely manner and any problems are quickly identified. As your dedicated billing service provider, billing and payment collection is supported throughout the year and not disrupted by secretarial absence for sickness or holiday.

E-billing and 24/7 payment collection
We collect payments 24 hours a day 7 days a week via our payment portal. Patients and private insurance companies are invoiced electronically. This not only improves your cash flow but also the patient experience by offering a range of simple and secure patient payment pathways.

To find out more about how your practice could benefit from partnering with the market leader in medical billing contact us today.

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