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11.09.2020 LCA Virtual Roundtable

Guest= Peter Connor, MD Healthcode

On Friday 11th September 2020 the LCA hosted another roundtable in its series of Friday virtual roundtables with guest speaker Mr Peter Connor, Managing Director at Healthcode and moderated by our own Chairman, Dr Mark Vanderpump.

Mr Connor gave a brief overview of the evolution of Healthcode as a billing company before taking us through data mapping out private practice activity over a number of years. The latest figures showed the effect this current pandemic has had on consultants and thus reflective of patients’ inability to access healthcare.

Mr Connor also used Healthcode’s data to show that there have been signs of recovery to varying degrees across specialties. However, private healthcare is still at risk of cessation with current consultants struggling to meet their overheads considering retirement.

Healthcode recognises that high start-up costs and overheads remain a barrier to new consultant entrants to private practice, and hope to drive a modernising agenda in support.

This roundtable has been uploaded onto our YouTube channel where you will find all LCA virtual roundtables to view at your leisure.


As always take care and stay safe.


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