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LCA welcomes Government’s response to the Paterson enquiry

The London Consultants Association supports the comments of FIPO and welcomes the Government’s response to the Paterson enquiry and the need for transparency in safety standards enforced across both the private sector and NHS. The LCA is committed to high quality individualised care for patients with multidisciplinary team working and information sharing between the various health organisations. An independent body to support the complaints process of providers is also welcomed.

Patients seen within the private sector have always been included in copies of correspondence to GPs and other specialists. There is a requirement to ensure that detailed medical data performed in the private sector is included within correspondence to ensure the completeness of the medical record. The LCA supports high-quality verified performance data held centrally which is accessible to patients, independent health providers and the NHS. There must also be an acknowledgement of the increased workload to comply with these requirements with an increase in fees provided by the medical insurers.

Many recommendations are already included within the current practice of our Consultants, e.g. indemnity cover and range of practice. Evidence of compliance with these standards are discussed annually at a comprehensive and supportive appraisal process and we fully endorse the supportive nature of professional appraisal such as that provided by FIPO.

Private specialists will be pleased to only practice with providers who have the correct assurances and governance in place as outlines in this response. Consultants wish to ensure that their patients can be confident not only in their medical care but also all the services and healthcare that contribute to their personal successful outcome.

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