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An announcement from PHIN –

The LCA is here to update consultants on news in the sector, particularly during times like these where individual consultants need support from member organisations.

June website refresh has been postponed

With hospitals focused on supporting the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic, PHIN has taken the decision, with the support of the CMA, to postpone the publication of website measures for the next quarter which was due to take place in June. As many hospitals have redeployed colleagues who would normally support the submission and data checking processes to other areas, it would not be appropriate to refresh the measures and disadvantage those hospitals.

We will continue to show data submitted for the current data period of 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019 for the time being. There will be formal messaging on the website for patients explaining that the data is from this period and why.  We have taken this decision to allow hospitals to focus their energies into supporting the NHS.

Consultants can continue to use the Portal as normal to update their profile and submit their fee information. These will be updated on PHIN’s website once approved by our team.

Consultants can also check and approve their measures for publication, however, with not all hospitals submitting data during the Covid pandemic, consultant’s practice data is unlikely to be up to date. If measures are approved, they will not be added to the website until normal service resumes.Consultants can contact PHIN at with any queries.

Further information can be found on the Consultant Portal

The ADAPT Programme

Phin and NHS Digital are consulting on wide-ranging changes to how data is collected in private healthcare. You have until 22nd May to answer the consultation and share with you colleagues. To find out more about the ADAPt programme, you can contact our external affairs lead

Seminars for consultants

We are aware that  consultants have been exceptionally  busy providing treatment and care and support to patients and colleagues in these difficult times. We will continue to be available to offer help and support at

As we have made some recent changes to our processes, we would like to offer consultants the opportunity to join some on-line sessions that take consultants through these changes. We will create seminars on a range of topics, these will be short and focused, e.g. how do I log onto the PHIN Consultant Portal.
Consultants can book to join the seminars and we will send any necessary information in advance so that they can follow a process through during the session.

We will offer these sessions if you think that these may be helpful to you and your colleagues so we would welcome  your feedback.



Take care and stay safe.





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